Betting never comes without risks— some bigger than others. Winning and making a sizeable income is all about striking the perfect balance between risks and rewards. 

20Bet App is a popular sports betting platform with over 2000 sports events ranging from football and tennis to skiing contests. 

While the variety is impressive, how does it hold up in value for money? And how confidently can a newbie gambler bet on it?

Read on to learn all about the risk levels and winning odds present in different events and games available on the platform. 

Winning Odds for Sports Betting 

Both beginner and advanced bettors believe that 20Bet offers above-average winning odds compared to other sports betting websites. 20Bet allows users to engage in multiple betting styles with varying odds of winning. 

Some common betting styles and the ease of winning are explained below.


Totals betting on 20Bet allows users to enjoy a 50/50 winning probability. Users can bet on live scores or the final outcome and only need to bet on whether it will rise or go down.  


Parlays are almost opposite to totals betting and the risks of losing money are incredibly high. Under this, users bet on a set of specific outcomes— the final score, winning team, periodic scores, etc. All the bets must turn out to be accurate, or the user loses the entire bet.


Even/Odds betting has similar winning odds as totals betting. It also comes with a 50/50 probability as the user only bets on whether a certain score will be in odd or even numbers. 


The odds of winning at 20Bet futures betting are highly uncertain and unpredictable as they depend on the skills and knowledge of the bettor. Because users need to predict a certain outcome, such as a specific score, the winning team, or future trajectory, it may not offer favorable odds for a beginner.


Under Money line betting, users can bet on a specific team or player. The odds of such betting depend highly on the number of teams or players involved in the sports event. 

For these reasons, smaller events with limited players/teams offer very preferable odds. 



Periods betting is the best option at 20Bet as it allows users to change their bet with different periods. It allows bettors to bet differently in each round, for example, the first, second, and third round of a championship. 

This offers the best odds of winning as bettors can change their predicted scores, winning team, and player based on the trajectory of previous rounds. 

Winning Odds for Casino Games 

While largely a sports betting platform, 20Bet also hosts a diversified library of casino games. Most games come with very good odds of winning, especially baccarat, live games, and other card games. 

However, slot machines, roulette, and jackpots are technically riskier and come with very low odds of winning. But 20Bet ensures that the odds of winning are never less than 1 in 200. This results in relatively superior odds regardless of which game users bet on. 


Overall, 20Bet comes with superior winning odds due to the inclusion of low-risk betting styles. 

Most betting websites force users to make too narrow and specific bets, decreasing the winning odds. 20Bet stands out and makes the perfect option for beginner and practicing sports bettors. 

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