Due to the increase in technology and awareness, the betting world has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the past few years. Betting on your favorite sport has never been so much easier. Unlike the old days where you had only a couple of options to put your wages on, now you have so many options to bet on. In this article, we will be talking about how football betting works. Let us begin with a list of things you should understand in order to bet on football. 

How to Read Football Betting Odds

Let’s talk about the four key features you need to focus on while thinking about betting on football games. These are the rotation number, the point spread, the total, and the moneyline. If you wish to bet on your favorite football events and tournaments, then 22Bet is certainly one of the best choices for you. However, let us first understand a bit more about these four key features separately. 

Rotation Number

The rotation Number is basically the 3-digit number you see in front of the team names. It is because the ticket writers call these teams by their rotation number rather than the team names. It helps in eliminating all the confusion between the bettors and themselves. It can be helpful for you to remember the number that you are interested in betting on. 

Point Spread

Point Spread is probably the favorite thing that is displayed as the minus sign in front of the spread. It is basically the number which the respective team has to win in order to cover the spread. You will notice that the other team doesn’t have any number displayed in front of them. It is because of the fact that they are receiving the same number of points. 


The total is an amount that both the teams combine to score in a game. Total is also known as over/under and can be explained as the under – the players put their bets on the total number of scores put by both the teams will be less than a certain number. 


These are the bets which are displayed on a scale of $100 in which the favorite will have a minus displayed before their number. At the same time, the underdog team will have a plus sign displayed in front of the number. There are no point spreads involved while betting on the moneyline; your team just needs to win the game. 

Football Betting Cards

Football Betting

When it comes to football betting, bettors can use their pre-made teaser and parlay cards at the time of getting to the betting window. These pre-made teasers and play cards are offered by the sportsbook itself. Half-play parlay cards are one of the most common betting cards. Depending on the provider, bettors can choose to bet on as many games as they like.

The chance of winning increases with the increase in the number of games you choose to play. Pre-made teasers are offered by some of the oddsmakers. Remember, if there is a plus sign next to your selected team, add these points to the final score of your team. Likewise, if there is a minus sign in front of your team, subtract those points from the final score of your team. 

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