Anyone who has worked out so hard that their muscles almost gave out, knows that consuming protein can be a great way to recover immediately. It has great nutritional value in terms of giving you energy and strength after a stressful workout. Not to mention the fact that protein is used to build up muscle tissues which break down after workout. So it’s great for long term effects as well.

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Does protein give you energy?

Technically, it is carbohydrates that fill us with energy. However, if we dig a little bit deeper, we will discover that not all carbs, as well as not all proteins are the same. In fact, the combination of fiber-filled carbs and proteins is the best way to go. Protein does not directly give you energy, but steady supply of it can help you digest carbs much slower and spread it over a longer period of time. This way, you will not feel hungry for prolonged periods of time. You will also avoid extremely high and low levels of blood sugar. In layman’s terms, you will feel comfortable, filled with energy and ready to do the work. No more falling asleep after eating a big lunch.

Protein can also improve your brain function, so it’s ideal to consume before you start working on an important project. Protein is obviously great for building muscle mass as well. If you’re trying to lose weight without losing your muscles, you should consume lots of Protein. This will minimize the damage that lack of calories causes to your body structure. 

Different sources of Protein


You can consume protein in many different ways. The traditional approach is to eat foods that are rich with protein. These are: eggs, beans, meat, just to name a few. People with defined exercise routines like to take powdered protein for multiple reasons. One, it contains a fixed number of calories, so it feels more predictable. Second, it’s more convenient to quickly make a protein shake, as opposed to cooking something delicious with raw natural ingredients. There are also snack bars based on protein, which are wonderful sources of protein, but can be costly.

Importance of hydration

When you start to intentionally consume large amounts of protein in any form, it’s important to hydrate. Otherwise, your proteins will not be digested and you might end up feeling more tired than you would if you did not consume protein at all. Also, not consuming enough water might increase the chances of negative effects of Protein overconsumption. For instance, some people who did not drink enough water had problems with weight gain and even liver function. In some rare cases, overconsumption of protein can also cause feeling bloated and diarrhea. When consuming protein, it’s a necessity to stay hydrated. Otherwise you might risk your health. 

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