If you are just starting out in the world of betting, it is good for you to familiarize yourself with the three types of easy bets you can make, so you will increase your chances of increasing your winnings. So evaluate each of these three options, which have to do with simple predictions so that you can get your bets right and thus have a better chance of winning. That is why we have included some examples so that you can have everything much clearer.

Soccer betting on the winner of the match


This is the most frequent trend in sports betting, specifically in soccer, to bet on who will win the match. After this, other forecasts that are a little more complex are generated. But the steps or conditions to make this type of bet easy to make are the following:

  • You must select a sporting event of your preference.
  • You must guess who you think will win the match.
  • The selected event must only have three options, which are Winning Team 1, A Tie or Winning Team 2.
  • In case you are lucky and guess correctly, you will get winnings based on the betting odds established for each option.
  • It is worth noting that the lower the odds, the higher the odds of winning based on the team. On the other hand, you will also win less money per dollar bet, but you will have better odds.

Time Goal Betting

Easy Bets

The second easy betting option to make, is to predict according to your intuition and knowledge of the game, if a team will score a goal at a specific time of the match. In order for you to have a greater margin of success, it is advisable to make the calculation in matches where a star player is the striker. According to the statistics in a Juventus game, they usually score a goal in the first minutes of the first half.

According to the bookmaker you can choose the moment of the match when a team will score the first goal, you can also bet on the goal of a specific team, or if you like you can also predict that at some point of the match the first goal will be scored, without specifying who will score it.

An example of the goal by time bet is to bet that a goal will be scored during the first 20 minutes of the match by the visiting team. This bet can generate up to 8 dollars for every dollar you bet.

Important Remark

It should be noted that although this is an easy bet, it is a long term bet, besides the sums of money are quite high, to place bets on specific matches. As for the payout odds of this type of bets, they are usually high, which means that they generate high profits.

An example is betting on a favorite team to win the Copa Libertadores, which is one of the most requested events worldwide, for which up to 4.5 dollars are offered for each dollar wagered.

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